5 Tips for a brand that converts

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5 Tips for a brand that converts


Branding is such a vital element for any brand and it needs to work for you and your business. If it doesn’t, then you won’t be converting and getting the sales that you want and need.

When building a brand there are many things to think about and before you even begin your branding journey you will have to already have nailed crucial steps within your business (like knowing your ideal client inside and out).  Why? Because without knowing who you serve, you won’t be able to get the outcome that you require and your brand designer won’t be able to design an identity that will convert for you.

1: Know your brand voice and message

You absolutely need to be clear on your brand voice and the message that you want to give and be consistent with it too – like everything you need to ensure that you are giving the same message day in, day out. Your ideal client will be able to connect with your message and therefore they will begin to like and trust you.  Use emotion and use it with ease – for solopreneurs this is really simple to do because we speak form the heart.  Think about speaking directly to your ideal clients inspirations, their values and their hopes/dreams.  With the like and trust factor there, this is when you will begin to covert.

2: Be visible to your target audience

I know that this is repeated time and time again but, it is so, SO important that your target audience know who you are. It builds the trust and therefore, it generates sales.  When I say that they need to know who you are, I’m not talking about the perfectly posed brand images that you had shot and edited, I’m talking about the REAL you.  The person behind the brand.  People want to see you and what you do during the day – it may sound weird, I know, but they genuinely do want to know the insides of your business and how you work.  Show your successes but also share your failures too.  Your ideal client will be able to resonate with you and it also shows that you are human too. After all, we learn from our mistakes and it will also help others too! 


3: Be Passionate


 I know, this may sound a bit strange right? Of course you’re passionate about your business, it is why you’re running it.  But seriously, are you THAT passionate about it that you could talk all day to someone about your products or services with ease? If you believe in the value and the investment within your product then your target audience will too! 

4: Have vision and purpose with a strategy

 Know exactly where you are headed and have a kick ass strategy in place – yes you can sometimes waiver slightly from it but don’t keep taking full detours around it.  Your strategy is there to do it’s job and you need it to work in order for your brand to convert.  If you have the vision, you’re passionate about your product/service then you will always succeed.  Have your end-goal in place because it is something that you will continue to strive and work towards. Always remember that your brand strategy is what you and your business stand for – you won’t ever go wrong when you remember this. 


5: know your values


Sit and write your values down, even create a mood board with your values in place and this will help you to stay on track. Your values are who you are as a person and as a solopreneur and if your values don’t match those of a potential client then alarm bells start to ring.  You absolutely need to align with your ideal client, especially in terms of their/your values. Think about how you would like your clients to feel when they work with you and the way that you would like your brand to be perceived and take these through with you at every touch-point. 



With all of this in mind, you will then be able to brand like a boss! With that I’m meaning that you will be passionate about your product/service, you will absolutely know who your ideal client is and their pain points, you’ll know every touch-point and you’ll be able to have branding that matches.  All of these combined will give you the power to build a brand that converts and you will begin to have more clarity on your business. 


Love, Sophie

P.S If you’re still unsure on some of these steps I offer brand power hours where we can go over anything that relates to your business and we can work through your own pain points – I want you to build a brand with power and start seeing the results by aligning with your ideal clients!