hello, it's so nice to
meet you...

This is me, Sophie and my chum Nala, or some of you may have heard me refer to her as bear. 

She's my business bestie and she is also my confidante, consolidater... but don't worry I don't ask her for design advice 

she's not that great at design!

Do i have a mission?

Absolutely I do

I want you to feel energised, empowered and in love with your brand.
Just like you should be and absolutely how I feel about mine. 
My love of design started when I was growing up, I'd always doodle on stray bits of paper, illustrate in my spare time and in general, if something meant that I could be creative... then I would... 

Oooh I'm interested

Fast forward a year or two (okay, maybe ten or so) and I began to start outletting my creativity by studying Journalism followed by teaching ... followed by an MA in Publishing (with a teaching career inbetween) and throughout all of this, I still wasn't getting the thrill factor I desired. 

I'd written and had published four children's books but I was still drawn back to the design. 

So...I set up a very successful stationery/letterpress studio and I then began to offer branding as a side gig.

Bear with me here because it was the side gig really got me going!

This is when Sophie Ellis Design was born.

i re-discovered design - with purpose

I suddenly realised that I could help SO many other businesses by using both my love/passion for design and my geeky ways with typography (which FYI is my zone of genius!)

Since then I have rebranded and I've started to OWN my brand, become confident in what I offer and I've also helped over 100 other businesses to build a brand that they are proud of. 

i found my niche working with coaches & creatives.

i found what i loved to do and it made me a far better, a much happier and a more vibrant person...

THIS IS WHere I CAN help YOU too...

I want you to create an emotional feeling and 


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