hello, it's so nice to
meet you

This is me and my chum Nala, or some of you may have heard me refer to her as bear. 

she's my business bestie and she is also my confidante, consolidater... but don't worry i don't ask her for design advice 

she's not that great at design!

Do i have a mission?

Absolutely I do

i want you to feel energised, empowered and in love with your brand.


by having the branding and marketing strategy that brings you confidence!

i know where you are and i've felt how you have too. it's why i am so passionate about helping others to be the best version of themselves and to show that within their branding. 

this sounds like me

so where do we begin? at the start of 2016 i had my son premature, it was a very scary time for me and i began to re-assess my life. sounds dramatic i know. i was working long hours within a senior family worker role, but trained as a teacher. i don't know how i got there and i felt lost, stressed and i began to lose myself as a person. i went back to uni and studied an ma in publishing. it was the turning point for me. 

i re-discovered design

from there i set up a wedding stationery business and it grew at a nice, steady rate. it wasn't until others within the industry began to ask me for brand design that i realised stationery wasn't my zone of genius.
so why was i doing it?
i decided to close my business down and fully focus upon branding. That was where Sophie ellis design was born.

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i found my niche, i found what i loved to do and it made me a far better, a much happier and a more vibrant person.
this is what i can do for you.



Make Your Business Famous

Sophie did my branding for me, after I cringingly designed my own logo – which gave me no identity at all. Working with Sophie was a pleasure from the start. She took great interest in finding out about my business, who my audience were, my vision for the business going forward. From that, she created something magical for me. Since having a professionally created brand, I feel I’m able to speak to my audience more confidently and I’m also able to think bigger. The latter I did not expect to come with having an amazing brand. I’m thinking of more products and services because I’m so much more confident in my business.

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