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I'm Sophie, aspirer, designer, boy mum, wife and entrepreneur. I'm passionate, motivated and most importantly I'm here to help you grow your creative business with visuals that uplevel & sell. 

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a gorgeous welcome to my blog


hello I'm sophie!

Brand and Website design for home & lifestyle brands!

branding // websites // lifestyle // home

I do hope that you will like it around here! Within my blog you will find lots of helpful advice with branding from me, a branding expert - but also from someone who has a real interest in you & your home/lifestyle brand!

Eeeek, you’ve SO many deadlines and your creative business feels like it is utter chaos and you’re really struggling to know what to do? Am I right? Well, I think that you need to add some time management into your creative business to ensure that you can focus your time appropriately. More time spent effectively […]

Branding, Websites

How to manage time effectively in your creative business

Blog on how to time manage effectively

A super happy launch day to Wildflower & Willow floristry on her full visual identity and her website design. Owner and floral designer Kelly has been in business for a couple of years; recently going full time and ditching the 9-5. Kelly was happy with her current branding but she felt that it lacked something […]

Branding, Websites

Brand Launch – Wildflower and Willow Floristry

secondary logo design

So here’s the thing, I think that it is often a huge misconception that brand designers are suddenly there and ‘making it.’ We’re misconstrued as having all of the tools and we ‘should’ be booked out with our services right away… because we have what it takes, right? Just like you (or like you were) […]


How I went from zero to fully booked

How i went from no clients to fully booked

You’re probably here because you’re fed up of being in fight or flight mode and you want to become a booked out personal brand… but you don’t know how? I’ve been exactly where you are right now and I’ve gone from fighting for bookings, feeling overwhelmed, confused and under-charging. . . but I am here […]


How to become a booked out personal brand

booked out wedding brand

Knowing when to rebrand is quite a difficult decision to make within your wedding business – it’s also one not to take lightly and here I have 5 signs that you’re ready for a rebrand. So there are usually quite a lot of red flags that are visible to know when you are ready for […]


5 Signs you’re ready for a rebrand

Gosh! You’re probably here because you’re feeling very overwhelmed by the millions of font choices available, let alone the styles and what they represent. If you’re reading this then there’s every chance that you’re about to rebrand you luxury wedding business and you’d like to know what fonts will represent your brand personality the most. […]


How to choose fonts to represent your luxury brand personality

All you need is a logo right? Right? No! Completely wrong. Your wedding business needs at least 4 logo variations in order to create a unique and luxury bridal brand. When starting you’re more than often told to just get yourself out there and you’ll also perhaps feel the big rush and needs to just […]


4 logo variations your wedding business needs

4 logo designs you need for your wedding business

Within this blog I’m going to give you 5 tips on how to communicate with your brand designer. Why? Because both you and I (or your brand designer) will love it if everything runs as smoothly as possible. 1: Find out their prefered method of communication If you don’t know already, find out how to […]

Branding, Websites

5 tips on how to communicate with your brand designer

Eep, a whole year as flown by in the blink of an eye and you’ve realised that you’ve been so busy with wedding postponements (thanks Covid) that you haven’t even thought about your own brand. As a luxury brand and website designer I’m here to help you with some handy tips on how to easily […]


How to give your website a New Year look