Choosing Your Brand Colours

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Choosing Your Brand Colours

  Choosing your brand colours is a really important moment for you business but it can also be stressful and take the fun away, from either designing, or having your brand identity designed for you.


First of all you need to look at colours and notice how they make you feel.  Is there a certain colour that makes you feel happy, confident or inspired? Does brown make you feel moody and glum? You also need to ask the question of how the colours that you see will also be perceived by potential clients.  For example, across my branding I have a neutral colour palette that is heavy on the pink shades – I wanted my clients to have a feel of love and warmth from my brand and with my brand icons and design the colours do just that (well, I think so anyway!)

Once you have chosen your colours – and don’t worry if you have a list as long as your arm – then the real work can begin.  Start by putting colours together, noticing what shades compliment one another and you’ll also realise that some colour choices are really not an option for you and you brand. One thing that I will note though is that you must steer away form black unless you are looking for a classic or formal brand


Please  remember to choose more than just light or metallic colours – this is because you will not be able to see the fine colours printed, on top of another colour or simply within certain fonts.



Once you have decided upon your colours leave them out and keep going back to them.  I would suggest that you have them either printed or cut out of a colour guide – this means that you are then able to see your colour choices within different lights. If you cannot do this, then ensure your screen brightness is set to high and this will enable you to see the colours to their full potential (please also check with a mid to low brightness too because this will prepare you for people that are viewing your brand with a low light resolution or at different times of the day). 

If you notice that you are not fond of a certain colour, swap it out, then repeat the process of going back to the colour at different times of the day. 

Once you have decide upon your chosen pallet you must then check to ensure that you have the darker colour choice available for written text.  Then you  will need to ensure that the colours fit your logo design perfectly and portray your brand to perfection. 

If you are then completely happy with your colour choices you are able to move on and set the colours for target pieces of design and wording. This is where the fun begins and you can really begin to play with your colours.

So there we have it – a quick guide on choosing the colours for your brand.  I also offer one to one consultations and hourly phone calls to help businesses get off the ground with their new brand.  If this is you please book a consultation with me today.


Love, Sophie