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about Christie

Christie has been designed for florists, product-based and small businesses. 

The design is seamless and offers a luxurious and high end feel to the website to captivate your audience. 

Christie features peony illustrations and a muted feminine colour palette.  The templates features five pages and a Wordpress designed blog. 

Personality oozes from this template and has a real emotive pull factor to ensure that you  capture your audiences heart;from every touchpoint throughout their website journey. 

what to expect

Launch your website from days after purchase. 

You can duplicate pages with a simple click

Duplicate Canvases across to other pages

Guide on how to download your website template

Video guide on your semi-custom template

Design with ease and no developer/design skills required

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before and after

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why use showit?

With in-built SEO and Wordpress it means that it is even easier to enhance your own SEO. 

With the ease of Showit it means that you can customise templates very easy (you don't need to be a developer or a designer).

My Showit templates are far more affordable than any of my other design services - this means that you can have a bit of me for the fraction of the cost!

Showit has a fast and responsive customer support either via chat or with their handy help guides. 

The templates can be customised to suit your brand - there are site and design settings built in so that you can easily add in your own brand palletes and font.  

With easy click actions you can divert your audience from your website onto your social media. 

it really is this simple...

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