are you feeling a little

being an entrepreneur can be a tough gig - it was never going to be easy but first of all let me tell you. we have all been there and we have all been 'stuck' at some stage within our businesses. I just wanted you to know that you are definitely not alone.

i want you to feel the confidence within your business. 

this is where i can help you

i want you to feel the 'i've got that'  moment

so with a little guidance, support and some morale boosting we can 100% get you there. 

creative consultancy

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Investment: £250per hour

so you have an idea, you think that it's going to be amazing but you need a second pair of eyes on your business to give you the boost that you deserve.

I've got you. 

within the hourly calls you will receive a brand experts eyes (mine) upon your business. we can go over anything that you would like from your website design through to branding for social media and more importantly, for your confidence too. 

i help you to set smart targets to help you to get your ideal clients eyes upon your business. 

after the hour you will receive written feedback, a recording of the session and next steps for you to achieve your goals. 



Michelle Gillson va

I cannot wait to show everyone, I’ve already started to create some templates in Canva with them and they look amazing!! 

I know that you want a brand that uplevels you as a business – but I also know that you may be struggling with where to start. That is why I have given varying options to work with me for every stage of the business that you may be.  

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