Floral Rebellion - BRand and website design

Steph is a florist, but a florist that is on a mission to create unique designs that are purely bespoke to her. 

Steph wants her clients to capture standout floral designs with attitude. 

Steph is a wild and rustic floral designer and she wanted this to portray in every aspect of her brand... and we certainly did that

About Steph

Steph had a custom brand identity that resonated with her as a person. I truly believe in encapsulating the person behind the brand. When we had our discovery call Steph mentioned a stags head that she absolutley adored. He's called 'Ian' and he had to be included within her identity 

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I am a complete novice at all this and a technophobe. After having a momentary dabble at a self-build website, I quickly saw the error of my ways and just knew that this was something best left to somebody else! 

I can't recommend enough having the same person design your brand and then build your website. Sophie really took the time to get to know and understand me through the process of building my brand identity, this then transferred beautifully to my website. Anyone who does know me has reiterated that the website is easily identifiable as mine, they can see and hear Steph throughout! This is so important because, not only do I stand out from the other florists, but also any potential clients feel like they know what I am all about before we even meet. Win, win!

Stephs website truly encapsulates who she is as a person. We incorporated animated bugs that whirl onto the screen and we introduced her colour palette to reflect the rustic feel of her floral design. 

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