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Susan came to me in the hopes of having a rebrand that truly represented not just who she is as a person but as a personal brand too. 

Susans brand was refreshed to give not just a welcoming and heart-felt vibe but also one that now attracts her dream boat clients.

We initially focused on the branding and added in bespoke illustrated elements that are a nod to Susan's heritage.  We then created a strategy for her website design that included a shop. Susan wanted a shop that not only worked as passive/semi-passive income but she also wanted one to make her day-to-day business running easier too. 

About Susan

Susan has a custom Wordpress website  and upon her launch received a high volume of traffic to her website. Susan is a regular blogger and it was important to ensure that blogging stayed within her strategy and was incorporated into the website build to reflect her personal brand. 

Susans new branding and website aligns with her values and mission. She now has the confidence to showcase her branding and website to anyone that asks and it brings her genuine joy, which in turn, brings clients. 

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