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Delve into the selection of my past months brand designs. These designs are unique to each and every client, with hand-drawn elements, monograms and that added pizzaz! The designs that I create are created with intent and my clients are already seeing results and sales that have been drawn in from their re-brands!


 Website Design - Jennelle Periard Breathwork Coach

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Jennelle, female entrepreneur and breathwork coach, came to me asking for a 10-day-website. 

She requested for her website to truly reflect who she is and her personality. Her logo was not designed by me however, I added in the starburst and the sand to give further personality to her brand. 

We incorporated a sales page, blog and podcast links as well as free downloads.  This website included everything that Jennelle needed to take her business to the next level. 

Mayah came to me asking for something that is unique and will touch upon her ideal clients pain points. Make Your Business Famous is a PR brand that does exactly what it says on the tin – Mayah can make your business famous using the power of PR.

Mayah wanted to ensure that the stars were used within her branding but she also didn’t want it to appear too trashy. When we began the journey together Mayah thought that she wanted to use the bold colour palette of black with a colour pop of turquoise. However, when we dug deeper we realised that this would not appeal to her ideal client. 

 Brand & Website Design

Beautiful and vibrant brand and website design for a female business coach.

This is a strategically-designed and super fun/quirky website. Incorporating bold colours but also in keeping with the luxe feel.  

The website correlates beautifully with the branding sticking to three main fonts and a bold colour palette that screams out to it’s audience. 

 Web & Brand Identity

Michelle Came to me asking for something that represents herself as well as her brand.  We incorporated tartan to represent her scottish heritage as well as stars to represent what is to come. Michelle wanted to stand out from the crowd with her love of red and boldness.

Micchell Brand Coaching

Gabriella came to me because she wanted her branding to represent her, as a person and her values. Gabriella wanted to keep the hummingbirds within her brand name but she also wanted to appeal to a higher-end client. 

I hand-illustrated the hummingbirds and Gabriella chose a gorgeous gold and forest green colour palette. 

The Two Hummingbirds

Sophie Came to me wanting to create a luxury fine art brand. Monograms and gold were a must but she also wanted to appeal to her ideal client. Young and fun brides/grooms that have the extra pizzazz about them. She also wanted to be able to appeal to the luxury, high-end market. 

I created a gorgeous brand identity with additional monogram design that she can use across her social media, watermarks and website. 

Brand Identity

I help solopreneurs to uplevel their business, reach their ideal clients and start charging their worth with killer brand aesthetics & mentoring.


10-day website



Michelle Brand Coaching

Selecting a branding expert was tougher than I expected, it was like my very own X Factor auditions. I decided I was only going to speak with 3 and Sophie was the first one I spoke to and something just clicked. I did go ahead and speak with the others but, honestly, Sophie was the one to beat. Sophie made the whole process from start to finish so easy and dare I say enjoyable. She listened to and watched everything I said and did and pulled observations from all our conversations as well as the documentation/information I sent her. Sophie understood me and really managed to pull my personality into my brand, honestly, I love it more than I ever thought I would - it is definitely more than 'just a logo'. Sophie's knowledge and experience is so vast, she is a true authority on all things branding and a total typography geek. If you are looking to work with someone who really genuinely cares about you and your business and will put as much effort and emotion into creating your brand as you put into your business then Sophie is 100% the brand expert for you. I cannot recommend Sophie enough.

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