i want as many people as possible to dream big, aim high and become published authors within their own right

It isn't a chance that you've stumbled upon this section of my website, whether it's through being sheerly intrigued or it is because you'd love to one day have your own book published. 

Yes, you read that right, I can absolutely help you to make this happen. 

so many of us have writing a book or becoming a best-seller as a bucket list goal. yet so many never reach it... i want to change this

what if I told you this is possible?

sophie, i need you!

I'm a designer, I'm a 4 x traditionally published author, a self-confessed self-published business book addict and i know what it takes.

I've studied an undergrad in writing and I've also studied a post-grad in Publishing. I've bound books the old-fashioned way and I've pressed books on letterpress machines. 

I've been published traditionally and I've also been burnt in the process with absolutely rubbish royalty rates (or lack of!) and I would absolutely hate for this to happen to anyone else. 

When you self-publish your book with me, not only will we be putting you onto the worlds biggest bookstore but you will also get the full 60% royalty rates. 

When you self-publish your book through me, you'll be in the best kept hands. I promise.

i'd love to know more

wilde experience:

Book | Ebook Cover Design 

book your bespoke experience

So you've got your manuscript ready and you're feeling really proud of what you have achieved. However, design isn't really your best asset and you'd prefer to not let the side down with a badly designed front cover. 

Let's be honest now... with books, we really do judge them by their front covers!

Your front cover needs to be eye-catching and it needs to lure your audience in. 

Front cover design and ebook design: £350*

Please contact me for a full quote. This is an estimated quote depending upon your project.

blyton experience:

 Typesetting | Book cover Design

Here you will get everything from the 'Wilde' experience however, you'll also have your book typeset. 

This means that not only will your book be amazing from the outside but on the inside it will also be formatted to perfection too. You will receive two rounds of amendments for this package. 

book your bespoke experience

your investment: £1300

hemingway experience:

Everything you need to become self-published

This experience is for you if you just need someone to take full control over your book (you get on with fun stuff - the writing!)

- Full copyedit of your book
- Front cover design
- Ebook cover design
- Typesetting
- Proofreading of your manuscript
- Book launch marketing plan
- Listing of your book onto Amazon
- Book keyword research 

book your bespoke experience

Your investment: £2000

experience additions

I know that sometimes there are additonal extras that you may wish to have but cannot see within the experiences.  That is why I have some additional services to help you renovate your brand. 

ebook front cover design

book cover design

editing of manuscript


Price on enquiry



Price on enquiry


Price on enquiry

I want to bring your creative work and put it at the forefront of the public eye

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