i'm going to show you how to have your own, unique identity

A brand identity and website design is one of the most important investments for you and your business. 

As creatives I want you want to stand out within a saturated market. You need to have your own, unique identity that sets you apart from the rest. 

If you're looking to up-level and have a full visual identity that speaks for you then my signature experience is for you...


Branding and website design

This package contains absolutely everything that you need in order to uplevel your creative business as an entrepreneur

Both my branding and website design is a data-driven with a strategic approach to ensure that we (you and I)  fully understand your needs in order to grow and increase your revenue. 

I love a pretty design but I also love one that converts.

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bespoke brand identity & website


custom brand design:

Primary Logo
Secondary Logo
Brand Pattern/Texture/Toile de Jouy
Font Selection
Colour Palette
Bespoke illustrations (tbc upon booking)

brand consultancy

Two x 45 minute brand consultancy calls (via Zoom) where we will go through your brand strategy, your brand messaging and really gain clarity on how you will move forward with your rebrand. 

custom showit website:

Showit Website Design. - 10 page website design + gallery + contact
Showit Wordpress Design 

search engine optimisation:

SEO Page Titles
SEO Image Tags
SEO Page Descriptions

your experience:

This experience is designed to help you uplevel your business. I most importantly want you to feel relaxed and at ease throughout the whole process. 

I want you to feel energised and most importantly I want to FEEL your excitement too so we start off with two 45 minute Zoom calls so that I can REALLY get to know YOU and YOUR brand... because I am a firm believer that without me getting to know you, then your rebrand won't reach it's new potential.

As you're already looking at this page, I already believe in you and what magic we can create together but I want you to know that I only ever create purposeful, unique and compelling identities that will aid you in reaching your ideal clients to sell with ease (but with honesty and loyalty too!)

Building a brand should be fun, so kick off those heels, relax and take in every single moment.  This is going to be one fun journey and I cannot wait to begin it with you!

Come join me through the process where you will walk away with not only a unique identity but a website that is designed to convert... making it a no-brainer for you (because who doesn't want to multiply their revenue?) Websites aren't only designed to convert but they're also designed to attract your ideal client and therefore, make it easier for you to reach those new heights. 

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I work with only 6 clients per year for this experience. 

branded stationery

Brochure Design >10 pages
Hot foil pressed thank you cards

my signature process...

Building a luxury  brand with emotion

step 1

This is the part where I truly get to know you and your brand. I want to know everything about your journey and how you have got to where you are today. I dig deep into your ideal client with you and this is where I introduce the brand strategy sessions. This is a really important stage of the journey and one that cannot be missed. I also want to take a look at your Google Analytics to see where you currently are (if you don't have this, don't stress, I'll get you set up!).

Brand and website design which is data driven allows your audience to have the best user experience imaginable. . . which then leads to more sales (amazing for you!)

discovering you

step 2

After I have found out as much as possible about your business I then start the design process.  This is where the fun for you really starts!

Enjoy the process of seeing your identity come to life through fonts, colour palettes, illustrations and design. 

designing your unique identity

step 3

So, you've seen your brand come to life visually and the last step is to create a bespoke website that not only looks eye-catching but is also designed get your ideal client buying your services. 

Hold tight for the last leg of your branding journey where I'll create for you an eight-page website.

Say goodbye to your poor bounce-rate and hello to a bigger, global audience!

Let's have you showing off your new website to everyone that asks!

your bespoke website

Frequently Asked Questions...

have another question?

Do you offer payment plans?

I offer a three-part payment plan for full website and brand identity design services. I also offer 25% design fee and remainder upfront or full payment.

Do you do rush services?

I'll be honest here, no! I believe that brand identities shouldn't be rushed and it's a process to enjoy. Also, family is a value of mine and I believe that time is a vital part of our lives. 

Do you do just brand identities?

Yes, I do! Complete my contact form here and I'll get back to you with more information. 

What platform do you use?

I design in Showit which also has Wordpress integration. My own website is designed in Showit and I really believe in the platform and it's capabilities to uplevel your business

Who do you design for?

I work with creatives and the intentional female entrepreneur. That is not to say that I don't and won't work with other small businesses. 

How long does it take to design?

It can take between 8-10 weeks for a full brand and website overhaul. That's because I want to know as much about you as possible and to serve your business well.

Do you offer illustration services too?

Yes I do offer bespoke illustrations too as an additional to the package. Prices vary according to the illustrations needed. If you do require this service please send me a message. 

Are all of your designs bespoke?

Absolutely! I 100% believe in creating custom designs because no two businesses are the same. I also believe that you are the heart of your business and that in itself, needs a custom identity. 

What is your current availability?

I am booking from June 2022 for the Signature Experience
Enquire here. 

experience additions

I know that sometimes there are additonal extras that you may wish to have but cannot see within the experiences.  That is why I have some additional services to help you renovate your brand. 

monthly plan

Once you are set up I know that you may want somebody else to manage your website for you. Sometimes updates and titivating are needed, I can do this for you as a monthly plan.  Also available for previously designed templates and your own built websites. POA.

blog transfer

membership add on

e-commerce shop

Price on enquiry

from £550

from £700

additonal portfolio


Price on enquiry

I know that you want a brand that uplevels you as a business – but I also know that you may be struggling with where to start. That is why I have given varying options to work with me for every stage of the business that you may be.  

Your branding is your personal identity, it is your footprint and it is an investment that will serve you time,and time, again. 

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"well, what an amazing job you have done - i love the illustrations you have worked so hard... my initial impression is one of excitement and gratitude that you have been able to interpret the spirit of what i wanted - even though it wasn't easy for me to articulate it... it does speak luxury to me. total luxury"

Georgina Hilton

"i can not recommend sophie enough. she's incredible, shes very talented and she listened to me"

From The Oak Tree

"i honestly loved everything about working with you sophie. you just understood everything i wanted... and then some"

Michelle Brand