Why you shouldn’t D.I.Y your business logo

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Why you shouldn’t D.I.Y your business logo

If you are reading this then there is every possibility that you are debating a DIY business identity or simply just the logo aspect of your business.  Here I give you three reasons why you should hire in the experts:

  1. Typography

Typography can make a huge difference to your brand identity and it is important to understand how to use type to create the dramatic effect that you are looking for.  If you’re wanting the ‘wow factor’ for your brand then you’ll need to know how to source the correct fonts. Does the font that you are using have the correct look for you? Is it strong and empowering?  Does it match the colour palette?  Not only do you need to ask yourselves these questions but you’ll also need to pair typefaces together – do they all work  in harmony and have you chosen enough (four ideally) for your full brand identity? Remeber that you need to keep using the same fonts across ALL of your branding, so this means that you need to love them – a lot!

2. Adding Personality

Your brand needs to OOZE personality and I know that this is one of the main reasons why you’d choose to DIY your logo (because who would know your brand better than you right? Wrong).   Of course you know your brand better than any graphic designer out there but when we work with clients, we work collaboratively, and we ask all of the correct questions in order to get a very clear and concise understanding of your brand personality.  However designers are able to match textures, patterns, elements and fonts that are all crucial in creating the perfect brand –  adding the personality and pazazz that you are looking for. 

3. being unique

Last, but most importantly the final factor to branding is being unique.  Yes, you can go elsewhere and get a whole brand identity from Fiverr or Etsy for £10 however, these won’t be unique and you will notice that there are a lot of other businesses with the exact same logo as you.  Also, you may not even get the full brand identity and instead you will simply receive a logo – great for starting out, but what happens when you want an icon for social media or a letterhead designed? Each and every aspect of having your own brand needs to be unique and there are lots of factors to think about – this takes time, energy and an awful lot of headspace. Time in which you could be spending on other areas of your brand. Time = Money. Nobody wants to be wasting money on their business that they have worked extremely hard to get off the ground. 

If you are looking for a new brand identity please have a look at my business branding page where I even offer one-off consultations that are aimed at de-fuzzing your head from the whirlwind of brand design. 


Love, Sophie